a Night of neon

23rd of July - 2017

“...a city that was to live by night after the wilderness had passed. 
A city that was to forge out of steel and blood-red neon
its own peculiar wilderness.” 
― Nelson Algren

A Night of Neon is a Neon information session and fundraising event for Neon Hart.
For those fascinated by the humming candy lights that illuminate our cities, the night will include:

-Neon glass-bending demonstrations
-Neon exhibition and works for sale
-Neon Hart movie premiere

Neon Hart is a brand representing the work of Emma-Kate Hart focusing on Neon Education, bespoke neon designs and funding Neon Artworks. Neon Hart is a small off-shoot from Coles Neon Shop that runs Neon Workshops for the wider Melbourne community, sells original one-off designs and takes on neon commissions to fund Neon Art projects. 

Emma-Kate Hart is one of the first full-time apprentice australian neon glass-benders in the last 20 years, moving down from Sydney to Melbourne to pursue her dream job in 2014. Over this period of time Emma-Kate has been spending every day practicing the craft of glass-bending, working as a commercial neon sign-maker at Coles Neon Shop, and producing one-off neon artworks. 

Recently Emma-Kate was asked to participate in a Women's Only Neon Show in Los Angele's Museum of Neon Art, a venue that has been celebrating the unique aesthetic and beauty of the medium since the early 1980s.
The Women's Only Neon show case aims to celebrate those who practice in this rare field of expertise, specifically women who have chosen to enter a predominantly male-dominated industry. Emma-Kate is taking on neon commissions, booking neon workshops and accepting donations to go towards materials and travel expenses to have her work included and be a representative of Australia's own neon renaissance on an international scale.