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Electric Bell Jar is a neon sculptural work that explores physicality and its interpretation. The individual is objectified via representation of self through physicality. The simplification is extended by dissecting the human figure into contours and reconstructed in the neon light of commercial industries. The work mimics the limiting perception of self when applying the lens of our constructed society, the body becoming imprisoned in its own form, by its own definitions. A critique on the hyper sexualisation and objectification of women, or any form of physical based interpretation as reductive to the potential and complexity of the individual. The creative development will be resolved through utilizing the equipment at CGW for artists to push past the supposed limitations of the medium, neon, and provide a platform for the work. A human figure will be cut into contours on a 3d modelling program, each section converted to 2d paper layouts to be used as reference for neon glass bending. Emma-Kate will bend and process the neon to make the figure. Fernando Melendez will assemble the sections within a clear thermos or flexi-glass encasing, where the neon sections will be suspended and supported from the top and bottom of the work with transformers hidden in the base. This will then be temporarily secured to the ground on the pathway directly exterior to CGW.