550mm (w) x 1000mm (l) x 350mm (h)
65 sections of Neon filled 8mm clear glass tubing in black acrylic casing

Hot cell is an exploration of physicality and its interpretation. A collaborative work between Artists Fernando Melendez and Emma-Kate Hart. Fernando draws from his architectural background and dissects a human figure into contours, imprisoning the body in its own form. Emma-Kate manipulates long pieces of glass to construct the contours and then fills each section with neon gas, an energy contained within the walls of the glass itself. An illuminated work that alludes to a commercial red light district, cutting the body, in film-noir fashion, into lines of light. A femme fatale of sorts, the piece aims to use the symbolism of pop culture to draw attention to the limitations of objectification, both culturally and self-imposed. In its essence, it is a bell jar, blocking the millions of pathways for energy potential from passing through the skin. It is a dystopian vision of how we treat and perceive the potentials of humanity.