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sin miedo-genesis

" now>> the {earth} was [formless] and <EMPTY>, [darkness] was over the {surface} of the [deep] and the {spirit} of <GOD/> was [hovering] over the <waters>." 

A decimation of minds to pixel debris, restiched and reordered to form colour on a canvas. A laboured intimacy of [perversity] and {passion} driving conception. We give you GENESIS the bastard child of a group of dedicated individuals who soul purpose is to create.
GENESIS is the prelaunch and fundraising exhibition hosted by SIN MIEDO a FEARLESS new arts entity that acts as a catalyst for artists of various mediums to drive their concepts to the public. SIN MIEDO is the representative of the [mavericks] and the advocates of the {unconventional} through specialty events and projects. 
GENESIS is a showcase of a BRAVE new collection of individual minds working together to conceive a singular experience. The night breaks free of the conventional gallery and gives you art in all its forms in a wholly immersive event.
This event is a fundraiser to help further the entity and fund future collaborative events and projects. There will be numerous ways to get involved, so bring some ca$h/dollars and support local artists and original events.

//JULY 9th

Chrystal Rebello, David Garcia,  Emma-Kate Hart, Fiebre Nietzche, Lulu Bush, Keegan Thomas, Quartzseven, Sugar + Blood, Steven Cole

Fuzz Zardi, Sister Lyric, Agamous Betty & the Gothic Circus, Pinko Loungeroom Band, Zyklus, DJ Young Blood

[without fear