Luna Roja is a restaurant/gallery hybrid, serving authentic Mexican street food accompanied by the manifestation pieces of local artists on the walls. A creation of the "Sin Miedo" Art Collective; the entire venue, from the fabric of the bar, the paint on the walls, down to the menu itself, has been conceptualised and constructed, cooked and is served entirely by the artists who run it.
Aiming to provide an exhibiting platform for creatives, true Mexican taste and good vibes.

CURRENTLY EXHIBITING: [RESIDENT ARTISTS] - Abstract Expressionist Fiebre Nietzsche INSTAGRAM : fiebre_nietzshe - Neon Art Bender "NEONHART" (Emma-Kate Hart) FB: INSTAGRAM : neon.hart - Graphic/Contemporary Surrealist Illustration "QUARTZVII" FB: INSTAGRAM: QUARTZVII

324 High street, Northcote, Victoria - Australia
(03) 8596 1434

Photos by Johannes Gross. Video by Matthew Markowski